Friday, July 25, 2008

POD: The Rug Doctor

Today we rented a Rug Doctor to deal with the increasing problem of pet odor in our upstairs rugs and to see if it could fix our dirty couch and seat cushions. So far Daniel has done the kitchen chairs and the couch. They look great! I can't wait until he does the living room and hallway tonight or tomorrow morning. It's such a pain working around his sleep schedule. Unfortunately he won't let me do any of it due to pregnancy reasons. On the upside, his schedule will be changing as of this week. He gets one night off and then starts into his new schedule. He'll now be working Sunday night through Wednesday night. Woohoo! We'll have our weekends back!

(Translation: Yippee, I get to go skating on Sat. nights again!)


SocialPhobic said...

Didn't realise they were that good.
I'll have to tell my mum!

April said...

That's great to have your weekends back and skate nights. Couple time together is so important and nice!!