Monday, July 07, 2008

Ferry Long Trip

The trip to Crystal Beach, TX seemed much longer than the trip to Oklahoma, although it would have actually been shorter, time-wise, if we hadn't decided to take the ferry from Galveston over to the peninsula. Sitting in long lines of cars waiting for the traffic to inch forward for over an hour was not fun.

The ferry itself, however, was sort of neat. The kids got out and walked around with Grandpa and Daniel. I got to toss cookies to the birds. They would swoop down and catch it in mid air. Then we spent quite a while searching for our actual beach house. We were trying to follow the Google Map directions which were slightly wrong. We could not seem to find the main directions given to us by the owner of the house.

Finally, we called Daniel parents who were driving behind us in their car to tell them we were going to turn around and search again when his mom mentioned that she had the very directions we were looking for. Did I mention that it was a long trip? On the plus side I did get to eat at Panda Express. I don't normally eat Chinese food, but this baby has decided that Orange Chicken and dairy products are a must.

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