Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cushing Water Park

Well, I feel sheepish. For quite some time... okay, years... Daniel's sister and mom have been telling us that we should take the kids to the water park in the little town near where they live. I've never been excited by the idea because I figured it was a dinky little public pool with a slide and maybe a wading area for the kids. Boy, was I wrong.

It's an actual mini water park with big twisty slides, giant toys to play on, and a very nice play area for the little kids. The best part was that it just didn't get very deep at all except in an area reserved for the diving board, so Danya and Gloria could enjoy pretty much the entire pool with their cousins. Even the big slides didn't require that you be able to swim to go on them because they dumped out into such shallow water, no more than four feet deep. We got sunburned, but had a great time.


Ken said...

Once again, in the state and not even a phone call. *sniff* I'll be alright..............


Jess said...

It helps if you actually give us your phone number.... just sayin'.