Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Reading Success!

Danya and Gloria finished the Westminster library summer reading program today. We turned in their reading logs this afternoon and they got all the prizes at once. They each received free passes to Lakeside amusement park and Skate City. Also, there were free meals at Country Buffet and a free book for each of them. Gloria got a Loony Tunes book and Danya got a mystery.

We're so proud of them both. Gloria read 48 books/stories and Danya read for 24 hours. Technically Gloria did more than that but I forgot to call Grandma to ask which stories Glory read while she was at their house for vacation.


April said...

great job and boy were the prizes good!
With there matching shirts I bet people really mistake them for twins:)

SocialPhobic said...

Such beautiful girls. They are real beauties!

Jess said...

Yes, they get the twin comments a lot.