Monday, July 07, 2008

Beach Memories

What a week! The first day was so peaceful. The ocean was fairly calm and clear. We spent a lot of time just floating and talking about how nice it was to be there. Bekah, our niece, got bit by a tiny crab that clung to her toe and wouldn't let go.

The rest of the week was a bit wilder with more people, lots of stormy weather, and much larger waves. The storm stirred up the bottom and turned the water brown and foamy. Every time the rain would pause we'd all run back out to swim again. I can't honestly call it swimming, though. Mostly it was hopping, ducking under waves, and body surfing. We were all seeking the perfect wave. Every so often we'd catch one and ride it in towards the shore. The kids took turns riding on Grandpa's inflatable lounger. He would push them into a wave so they launched over the top of it. The goal was to not get thrown off. Kevin's goal, meanwhile, was to dig in the sand and get as dirty as humanly possible. I think he succeeded. He also set himself the task of throwing all the seaweed back into the ocean.

We cooked out almost every day. Aunt Jennie and Aunt Claire arrived on Wednesday. Claire's son, Drew, along with Kevin and his twin cousins all wore matching outfits that Aunt Robin brought. They looked like blond quadruplets. On Thursday we took family portraits. Overall we took an enormous number of photos. I even got pictures of the hermit crabs that Grandpa Wayne kept finding on the ocean floor and carrying back to the house in his pocket. Even though I was nauseous a lot of the time, this was a wonderful vacation!

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