Sunday, July 06, 2008

Beautiful Girls

We had a beauty night at Grandma's house with Danya, Gloria, Cousin Rhema, and Aunt Kathy. Earlier in the day I took the girls shopping and let them pick out some make up and nail polish at Claire's and a May's Drugs. They had so much fun choosing colors and shades. The clerk at May's took one look at our stash and said, "Playing dress up?" I guess it was sort of obvious.

After the girls took baths I fixed Danya and Gloria's hair with a special curling rod that has multiple prongs that separate and lift the hair while blowing warm air. It's pretty neat. We got it as one of the freebies at the Foster Parent Food Bank CoOp.

Well, I happen to be ill currently, so I'm going to finish up for tonight and continue updating the blog tomorrow. I've still got lots of great beach, birthday, and fourth of July photos to add. Good night!

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