Thursday, July 10, 2008

Independence 2008

This year you could say that Kevin celebrated his Independence a bit. It was the first year he got to stay up and participate in the fireworks, the first year that he actually got to hold the punk and light something (with assistance), and the first year that he got to hold his very own sparkler.

I wasn't feeling well, so I sort of assigned my dad to be his partner in fireworks lighting. They seemed to be having a great time together until our nephew Judah blew up a loud firecracker near them just as Kevin got a fuse to spark. It scared him so badly that Kevin refused to actually light any more after that. Instead he'd get Grandpa Clint to walk over there with him and then stand close to monitor the lighting of the fuse.

Daniel's grandpa Joe was able to attend this year. He enjoyed the sparklers the most I think. I'm so glad my parents could be there, too. We had a really good Fourth of July this year and other than being sick I wouldn't change a thing.

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