Friday, August 01, 2008

POD: Adams County Fair

Here's us at the ADCO fair. We got discount tickets and free food coupons through our caseworker. I'll add more later when I'm not so wiped out.

It looks like I missed my POD for yesterday again. That's twice in ten days. I've got to get better at this. Yesterday was crazy with some good and some bad. The bad was when the placement person called with a sibling group for us that could turn into a fost/adopt situation. They sounded close to perfect, but I messed it up by asking if we could avoid enrolling the Kindergartner in school since she wasn't 6 yet, which is the mandatory school age in Colorado. They said they'd look into it, and decided to just place them with another family. That was disappointing, but I know God has a certain group of kids planned for us, so that must not have been them.

The good was that Daniel and I got to go out to the movies for a date. (More bad was getting horrendously sick on the way home.) We saw the new Batman movie because Rush Limbaugh talked about it on his show and said that there were some really great themes in it. We also had seen a video skit of a guy asking people on the streets to listen to a quote and guess who said it, George Bush or Batman. Nobody but an 8 year old girl seemed to get any right! The underlying idea seems to be that, like Batman, our President is learning the hard way that making the tough choices, the right decisions, to protect your people doesn't make you popular or a hero, and sometimes you even end up being vilified for it.

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SocialPhobic said...

Its a long wait but there is a sibling group for you out there somewhere.