Saturday, August 30, 2008

Celebrating a Dozen!

Daniel and I recently celebrated our 12 year anniversary. Since it's been a dozen years I created egg shaped anniversary party announcements and passed them out at church. We had the party at IHOP since they serve breakfast all day long there. It was so much fun getting together to eat, laugh, and share stories with friends. We'll have to do that again sometimes soon. We had originally thought about having a skating party, but I think that sometimes I get a wee bit overambitious and don't really take into account that I'm four months pregnant and don't have the kind of stamina I used to.

A few weeks ago I lost my camera. Daniel set it in a spot that I don't normally look after he came back from the camping trip and so there is a huge gap of time where we don't have any photos. It also got me out of the habit of bringing my camera everywhere, so I forgot to take it with me to our party. We had our babysitter, Sarah, take this photo of us after we got home that night. Some other things I did not get photos of that we did recently were the CPR recertification training we took, the wonderful job that the new twice a month cleaning service we hired did, the girls end of the year Kings' Kids choir party, our baking day when the kids' made apple and sweet potato pies, foster parent food bank pickup day, delivering a shipment of food in the rain to a friend's daughter, and the gifts we gave each other for our anniversary.

I bought a new LEGO PS2 game for Daniel through Amazon that got lost in the mail. The post office blames it on the Democratic convention overwhelming the mail system in Denver. Since it will take 3 weeks before the seller can even claim it through postal shipping insurance I got him a different one instead, LEGO Indiana Jones. For my gift, Daniel gave me a collection of computer games including the Diner Dash series, Cake Mania 2, and BookWorm Adventures.

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