Saturday, August 02, 2008

POD: Visiting Snoopy

We were able to visit Snoopy at his new foster home this morning. He's doing so well! He's gained weight and seems to be completely settled in and happy with his new family. His foster mom says that his bio mom is doing better, but I have a feeling that this is a case that won't end well in that regard.

It was fun watching Snoopy and Kevin play together again. After we'd been there about half an hour Kevin followed Snoopy up the stairs and said, "Love you, ____!" Snoopy is still dealing with inexplicable outbreaks of hives, but his foster parents are doing everything they can to identify the cause. At least they don't seem to itch him at all. It was just so good to see how well he's doing. We don't often get to see our foster children again after they leave. The not knowing is hard.

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SocialPhobic said...

How cute i bet he was so happy to see all of you.