Wednesday, August 06, 2008

POD: Kit Kittredge

Today I took the girls to see the new American Girl movie for some "girl time" together. It was really good. Although I really like Chris O'Donnell from lots of movies like The Three Musketeers, Batman (as Robin), and in Grey's Anatomy
as the adorable veterinarian, I didn't think he seemed old enough for the part of the dad in this movie. They mentioned that he had a grown son in college, and he just seems too young for that. He's only 38. Julia Ormond who played the mom was wonderful. I've loved her as an actress ever since she played Sabrina in the movie with Harrison Ford.

Anyway, this is a good family friendly movie that is definitely worth taking your kids to see! Danya just had to see it because she just finished reading her first ever Kit Kittredge mystery story. Since it gives a good glimpse of the Great Depression era, maybe I can count it as homeschooling.

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