Monday, August 04, 2008

POD: "I Be a Pain?"

This is Kevin's new favorite question for his dad, "I be a pain?" It doesn't mean what you'd think. He's actually asking if he can be an airplane and have Daniel fly him around the house.

As for me, however, I think I'm doing a pretty good job of being quite a pain for my family right now. When we come home I have to stand outside and holler at the girls to hurry and clean up all the dog poop in the kitchen because I can't stand the smell but I desperately have to pee. You know, it's a myth that women only get the non-stop urge to pee when the baby gets so big that it presses on their bladder. It really starts from the beginning of pregnancy and never lets up.

Poor Daniel is also suffering. I kicked him out of the house the other night long after the kids were all in bed because I desperately needed sweet tea and Little Caesar's Crazy Bread. Today it was an uncontrollable urge for strawberries and whipped cream. Yesterday I begged for Little Caesar's pizza again, but when he proudly left the cave and dragged home the dinner I'd been dying for...I got sick at the smell of it and couldn't eat it. My poor poor family. It turns out the answer to Kevin's question is, "No, not you. Mommy be a pain."


Dreama's Thoughts said...

awww what a good husband you have!

SocialPhobic said...

Kevin looks and sounds like a little cutie!