Saturday, May 10, 2008

Water Party

The twins turned 9 on Monday so we had a small water party at the park to celebrate. We didn't expect that they'd get to stay until their birthday, but I'm really glad they got to.

Daniel and I bought a ton of water balloons and gave each of the kids a water gun. We had a water balloon toss to start with and then just let them loose. We quickly discovered that we had to lay a few ground rules like "no aiming above the shoulders" and "no ganging up on a littler kid" but other than that it went well. They were all screaming and laughing and chasing each other around the park. It was great! Kevin just hovered near the water balloons picking one up one at a time and throwing it onto the grass to see whether it would break or bounce.

We also made a cake with the kids and gave them cases and new games for the new Nintendo DS they each got from their mom. They had their one and only visit with her the Friday before their birthday. Daniel also hooked up the Playstation 2 and found a pile of video games for it. Tuesday everyone spent absorbed in the games. I also used that day to complete a scrapbook of all three kids that I gave them to take to their new home in California. Coach really loved it. He wouldn't let it out of his sight. I think they had a good birthday that they'll remember for a long time.

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