Monday, May 19, 2008

Snoopy's Lawyer

Today we had a visit from Snoopy's GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) which means his attorney. She's very nice and seems extremely concerned about his well being. She came to our house just after lunch to see how Snoopy was doing. We were told a lot more information about Snoopy's family situation. It sounded like his attorney is very happy with how he's adjusting to life at our house.

We still have no idea how long he will be with us or when/if they want us to bring him to visits with his mom. She did say that she wants us to keep him long enough for him to bond with us so that he can have a good transition with our help to a more permanent situation if his case goes that direction. We also let her know that we'd be happy to take him with us on vacation if he ends up staying that long. He's doing amazingly well and is a joy to have in our home.

Meanwhile, our own "case" is up in the air. Our caseworker says that she'll be having a meeting this week with her boss and the boss above her which makes us nervous. They'll be discussing whether we'll get to continue taking foster kids in while actively searching for an adoptive match. Apparently we are a unique situation and they haven't developed a policy for that. On August 1st it will have been one full year since we were licensed. So if we don't get matched before then we'll need to renew our homestudy. Hopefully we'll find out in the next few days what they've decided.

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I have a good life said...

Wow! It sounds like both your family and Snoopy have been blessed. His age must be somewhat difficult to place, yet he is thriving at your house. I hope their evaluation shows that you are allowed to take on as many kids as your family can handle. They all need love and support.