Monday, May 19, 2008

Band Picnic

I've got a little catching up to do here. I lost my camera for several days and finally found it today. So I don't have nearly as many pictures of the past week as I'd like, but I'll make up for that in the coming week.

Here's a photo from last Saturday's Thornton Community Band picnic at the park next to our house. It was bitter freezing cold and actually snowed while we were out there. The wind was blowing everything off the picnic tables and causing my kids to turn bright red. So as soon as they finished eating we sent them back to the house with Shannon, our babysitter (in the photo above). Meanwhile, Daniel took Danya and Gloria to a "Diego" birthday party at their friend Harley's house and dropped Latte off for her visit with her mom.

At the picnic we discussed plans for next year and talked about what we'll all be doing this summer. It sounds like we may start the band back up next Fall and have a Halloween concert. I've been invited to join a couple of other bands for the summer, but I just don't want to add any extra commitments right now. Danya's guitar lessons have also ended. So it feels like we are all going to be able to relax a bit after this month. The Republican convention for our state is at the end of this month and then I'll be done with political involvement for a while as well. We're all just counting down the days until vacation!

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