Monday, May 26, 2008


This is the basketball hoop we were purchasing the day that DCFS called us to ask if we would take Snoopy. The kids ask every day if they can go out and play. They don't even seem to mind having to chase the ball when it rolls down the hill in our backyard. We may not end up with any future NBA stars, but everyone's having a great time playing together.

Since there's not much room on our back patio, mostly everyone practices shooting and plays games like "HORSE" and "PIG". I'm guessing that eventually we'll draw some lines in chalk and add to our repertoire games like "Around the World" and "Hot Shot". We've got the hoop at the lowest setting. Danya is amazing. She's getting very good at making shots from lots of different directions. Now she and Gloria are working on getting more height when they stand further from the hoop.

The day after we got the new goal set up the kids were taking shots in the backyard when Snoopy's new caseworker called to see how he was settling in. While talking to her I paused and hollered, "Gloria! Don't shoot while the baby is standing in front of you!" The caseworker gasped and got really quiet. When it occurred to me what she must be thinking I reassured her, "She's shooting a basketball at our new hoop, not a gun." She started laughing nervously and said, "You had me worried there for a minute." Did I mention she's a very new young caseworker?

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