Friday, May 02, 2008

It's Not Like California

It started snowing the other morning. No big deal really, except that it was the first of May. Then Coach asked if he could go outside. I started to say, "no" until he pointed out that this doesn't exactly happen much in california. How can I argue with that logic? At the time we believed the kids would be heading home to CA possibly as soon as the next day.

So I told them to dress as warmly as they could considering that they didn't have snow boots or warm coats, just light jackets. I handed out all the hats and gloves I could find. They were having so much fun that they would have stayed out all day if I'd let them. It was a wet muddy snow, but they happily built their dirty little snowman. I gave them a carrot for his nose. Then I made Kevin come in when his poor little hands started to change color. By that afternoon the snow had melted and even the snowman's nose had fallen off. Meanwhile, I was still scrubbing the mud off my kitchen floor that had been tracked in by 6 happy contented little ice cubes (A.K.A. - my kids).


I have a good life said...

The whole going, not-going, going, not-going thing is so frustrating. Good thing they have you to love them and parent them while the states in question work it out. Crazy that you had SNOW! I think I'm coming to Broomfield in June. Maybe we can meet?

Jess said...

Yeah, it's nuts. The kids flight is booked for tomorrow afternoon (May 7th), so we're frantically packing and making sure everything's washed. Their mom gave us three suitcases full of clothing that we are trying to wash and fold neatly for the trip. They also have a pile of personal items.

My email address, if you don't still have it, is listed in the title photo of my blog. Email me so we can discuss dates in June!

Ken said...

Jess, you and daniel are my heros. You truly are amazing.