Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kevin's Game

We call this game "Don't Kick Me!" and it's one of Kevin's all time favorites. Coach quickly grasped how it works, not that it's complicated, but he definitely mastered the game. It starts by giving Kevin a good push so he's swinging high. Then you pretend to be looking at something else or just smiling and talking to him. As he swings towards you he sticks his feet straight out and yells, "Kick!". You immediately make an "Oof!" sound and pretend that he's kicked you so hard that you stagger. Then Kevin laughs hysterically and the game repeats. After the first time you're supposed to sternly look at him and say, "Don't you kick me!" sometimes while wagging your finger at him.

Coach improved on the game quite a bit. He would pretend to be casually strolling past Kevin's swing and then do a dramatic backwards flying flop to the ground with a hilarious surprised expression. Then as Kevin swings back towards him again, laughing his head off, Coach would start to get up and pretend that Kevin knocked him down again. Then he'd turn around, brushing the wood chips off his shirt and pretend that Kevin kicked him in the backside. We recorded some of it. I wish I could post it on YouTube, but I can't because Coach is in it. Daniel and I were just rolling laughing watching the two of them play Kevin's game. I think Coach has a definite career in acting in his future.

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