Monday, May 26, 2008

Riding in Cars

Do you ever feel like you spend some weeks just living in your car? Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to spend an entire day at home, not going anywhere at all. "Homeschooling" is such a misnomer. We are rarely in our actual house except to sleep and occasionally eat.

Snoopy decided that the car-shaped box that Kevin keeps his Hot Wheels in must be a ride on toy since it looks like a car. Meanwhile, Daniel and I are talking again about the need for another vehicle. We haven't owned two vehicles at the same time in years. We haven't really needed two since we were younger and both working at separate locations and times. Our current vehicle is missing a spare tire. The technicians at Firestone re-attached it badly and it fell right off the underside of our van without my noticing it.

Also, in a perhaps insane moment, we decided to submit our homestudy to Oklahoma for possible adoption of a very large sibling group. If we end up getting matched with them, and then they add two more siblings like the caseworker is considering, then we will need either two vehicles or a 15 passenger van because we would overnight become a family of 14. No, that wasn't a typo. We had previously been waiting to hear about a group of four siblings right here in Colorado, but sadly it turns out that somehow their caseworker never received our homestudy, and they decided to split them up for separate adoption, never to see each other again, because they had already been trying for almost a year to place them together and couldn't find anyone to take all four. To me that is heart breaking. We want to help kids stay together with the only family they have left. If it means a 15 passenger van in our future and three kids in every room, and that's what God has planned for us, then so be it!

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Jamie - RoseCottage said...

It is so sad when a sibling group gets split up. It's wonderful that you're willing to take such a large group! I pray it goes well and that God puts you with whoever (and however many!) he's chosen for your family!