Friday, May 02, 2008

Pump It Up!

Wednesday Daniel and the kids dropped me off at church for band practice and service. Then they cotinued on to find "Pump It Up!" which is a place full of giant inflatables to climb, bounce, and slide on. Unfortunately I didn't clarify the directions. I said it's just off of 36th on Wadsworth. I meant Highway 36 and Daniel thought I meant 36th street. TOTALLY different directions.

He finally called information and figured out where it was through a complicated series of phone calls. The kids got to play for about 45 minutes. Daniel chased them around trying to get a good picture or two. They came home thoroughly exhausted and ready to crash. All except Gloria, who still got to have her special time. She and I played tea party with the adorable tea set that Aunt Christina sent them a while ago. We used M & M's for our tea and snacks. Thanks, Christina!

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