Monday, May 19, 2008

Telcom Techs in Training

Daniel works for the phone company, Level 3 Communications. At work more and more he's been training the other techs since he's a bit of a "guru" whose been working in telcom for almost 13 years now. Even if there's something he's never handled before Daniel will figure out what's needed and find a solution. He's a natural problem solver and a good one-on-one trainer.

I didn't expect him to start training our boys in the field so young though. Today Kevin and Snoopy got hold of the girls' pink jump rope. I walked into the kitchen and found Kevin talking into one end of the rope while Snoopy held the other end up to his ear and babbled back. They carried it around the house continuing their conversation for about 15 minutes. When they stood at the window in Latte's room it looked like they were reporting on the weather. They are too cute! They've become best buddies, inseparable. They hide and play under the kitchen table together, crawl around the house pretending to be wild animals or puppies, and tackle our giant teddy bear until they fall down giggling and grinning at each other. Kevin even runs to tell us if the baby is doing anything he considers to be a "no no". He really looks out for his little brother. I'm so glad we agreed to take Snoopy.

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