Friday, May 02, 2008

Frantic Fazoli's

This Tuesday we rushed a bit to meet with our friend, Dawn, and her three girls at Fazoli's. She is one busy lady. She's a tax accountant who works free lance, so she's got a lot going on right now.

This was our three newest kids' first time ever at Fazoli's. Ma Bell seemed to really enjoy it. Coach wasn't particularly impressed. Linus just liked the lights. Meanwhile we spent half our time chasing Kevin around the store. He seemed to think tag was a fun game. He also loves to announce that he's going to the potty and take off at top speed to get there. Unfortunately, he managed that night to get his hand smashed in the bathroom door and dented his fingers pretty good. Ouch!

Afterwards we gave Dawn's kids a ride home in our "two ton tomato". It was fun filling up all 12 seats. I was really just returning a favor since Monday night I decided to take a long walk at around 7:30 at night. I ended up quite a ways from home when my knee went out on me again. It does that sometimes when I overuse it. I guess it didn't like that last huge hill I had to walk up. Since Daniel was at home with three kids already in bed he couldn't come get me. Instead I called and asked Dawn to come rescue me. She's such a good friend. She immediately came and drove me home.

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