Saturday, July 22, 2006

Trash or Treasure?

Now that we've definitely decided to move to Denver, CO (just north of there, actually), we have to kick it into high gear. Daniel's company wants us there as soon as possible.

We are trying to pack up everything non-essential in the house and go through some of the things we had moved into the garage last spring when we were debating moving to a new house. It sure is a good thing we decided not to move last spring. I can't imagine how nightmarish this would be if we had just bought a bigger house we could barely afford.

So now we are having to give everything the final question, "Is it important enough to haul all the way to Denver?" This photo is from last spring when the garage was overflowing with what we thought was the "bare minimum" of things we needed. It's funny how now that the move is further than just a few miles, alot of these things became less important. We had a moving sale today and sold quite a bit of this stuff. We made about $100, which will come in handy next week when we head to Denver to look at apartments. Level 3 is sending Daniel up there to train their new techs in the mornings and go house hunting in the afternoons. He's driving so that we can all go as a family. I'll be sure to post a picture when we get back!

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