Monday, July 03, 2006

Grandma Helps Out

A week ago I was having contractions consistently 4 minutes apart for over an hour and we thought, "This is it!" So we called Daniel's parents to come watch the girls. We didn't end up going to the hospital because the contractions slowed down and then stopped not long after Grandma and Grandpa arrived.

Fortunately for us, Grandma Nancy decided to stay with us anyway. We got to enjoy her help and her company for a whole week through the ups and downs of on-again off-again contractions and long walks to try to "walk the baby out". I never had full time help with my other pregnancies and didn't realize just how great it can be. I've already asked her to please come to Colorado next year if we manage to get pregnant again.

Did I mention we are planning to move to the Denver area this October because of Daniel's job or that we'd like to have our fourth child next year so that Kevin will have a buddy close to his age?

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