Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rockin' Science!

This week the girls are doing a unit study on rocks. Having Grandma Nancy here is nice because she does alot of it with them. The three of them went on a nature walk on Monday to collect all different sizes, shapes, and colors of rocks. They also gathered other nature items to make a pretty collage. They sorted the rocks by size, shape, color, and texture. Then they narrowed their piles down to their ten favorites and drew a picture of their very favorite one.

On Tuesday they divided the rocks again with Venn diagrams. Then they measured the length and weight of their favorite rocks. They also used a string wrapped around the rock to find its circumference. They guesstimated whether the other rocks would be more of less than an ounce, and then weighed them on a postal scale to see if they were right. Then they hammered the rocks to see if they would break, and took them outside to see if they would leave a mark on the concrete when rubbed against the ground. We've got more experiments planned for the rest of this week.

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