Monday, July 03, 2006

Father's Day Kisses!

Father's Day was a little strange this year since Gloria was still at Grandma's house. Daniel opened his presents in the morning, including his very cool Snoopy shorts from Danya.

After church we drove to Stillwater to pick up Glory. She looked like she had grown 3 inches while she was gone! She was healthy, happy, and seemed somehow more grownup and independant. I nearly cried. Where had my baby girl gone in only a week?

We went out to eat with Daniel's parents and gave Grandpa a shirt that read, "One Cool Grandpa". Giving him a shirt has nearly become a tradition in the past few years. When we got home Gloria got to pick out a gift for Daniel. She chose a patriotic shirt that had his birth year, 1976, on it. He's worn it several times already. It's strange to think that any day now Daniel will be a father of three!

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