Monday, July 17, 2006

Reagan's 6th Birthday

Reagan had a very cool water party at her house in OKC. There was a kid sized soft tub pool, a slip and slide, and water balloons!

The kids in the pool were a little rough for such a small space. I was worried about the girls, but they handled themselves well. They didn't come complain about it, instead they just grabbed a floaty ring and tried to avoid the worst of the splashing.

What was really gross was when one little girl pooped on the slip and slide. It got hosed off, but YUCK! It was funny watching my girls try the slip and slide for the first time. Danya would walk up, jump directly onto her knees, and then push herself with her hands down to the end. They got a ton of candy from the pinata and were so busy having fun they only paused long enough to eat a hotdog without the bun for dinner.

We gave Reagan some arts and craft supplies in a plastic tub with her name on it. I put her name on with rub-on letters. We also let Danya pick out a beach Barbie for her cousin.

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Toni Salda said...

Jess, did you have to put thee worst picture in the world of me here?!! oh my, I look horrible after working!!!!