Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

We decided to drive down to celebrate the 4th with family since labor didn't seem to be imminent. First we stopped at four different fireworks stands to find the best deals on daytime fireworks. We bought everything on wheels...literally. We got semi trucks, tractors, aircraft carriers, rolling turtles, race cars, dragsters, dragons, and of course TANKS!

It's a family tradition from the time Daniel was young to have tank wars. We also had races, including a set of tractors lit by Daniel and his Uncle Terry. Terry's tractor went backwards and Daniel's caught fire and burned to ash and a puddle of plastic. Grandpa Wayne was attacked by a fire breathing dragon that went off course and shot sparks into his sandals where he was crouched on the ground video taping! The kids each got to launch a daytime parachute and try to catch it out of the air as it came down.

By three pm the windless scorching hot day suddenly changed. Dark clouds rolled in, lightening appeared, and the wind became fierce. We scooped up the last of the fireworks and ran inside just as the first rain drops hit. We missed most of the rain as we drove home, though.

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