Monday, July 17, 2006

My Side of the Tree

We visited my sister, Aunt Toni, and Uncle Clayton who got hitched a few weeks ago. Congratulations, Aunt Toni! She got to hold Kevin and talk to the girls. We came to pick up the remote for the HUGE television that Toni gave us last week. Toni is always blessing our family with great gifts and trying to think of things we might need. She has a generous heart!
Then we went to my younger brother, Uncle Ricky's, house for his older daughter's birthday party. While we were there Uncle Ricky and my older brother, Uncle Shane, each got to hold Kevin. We're all glad that Ricky is back from basic training in the Army Reserve (or is it the National Guard?) and are praying he doesn't have to go to Iraq. We're also proud of him for taking top honors in physical fitness while he was in training! Way to go, Uncle Ricky!

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