Monday, July 03, 2006

Time Obsession

As we've been timing contractions on an almost daily basis, the girls have helped out by writing the times down on their dry erase boards. Sometimes they are hard and consistent and other days they are consistently erratic. I can't tell you how tired I am. Tired from the pain of contractions, the nights of broken sleep, and the constant walking to encourage the onset of labor.

What's especially strange is when the girls get excited to see me clutching my belly in agony. "Yeah! Mommy's having another contraction!" My fingers, calves, and feet are swollen to the size of sausages and they are rejoicing.

We've tried everything imaginable to encourage this baby's arrival. He seems determined to teach us all patience. Tomorrow is his due date, the fourth of July, and he's already about 9 pounds according to the numerous ultrasounds I've received. I'm praying fervently that he comes on his own because I do not want to go through being induced again.

In the meantime Daniel helps me put my socks and shoes on and we continue to walk endlessly. My belly seems to grow exponentially by the day. Daniel's buddies at work every day he comes in continue to ask, "Are you still here? No baby yet?!" No, no baby yet. That's been my standard response to family and friends who call almost daily. We'll let you know.

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