Monday, July 17, 2006

Panic Attack!

This looks like a sweet picture of little Kevin in the loving arms of his Aunt Robin who is pleased as punch to finally have her first nephew.

In actuality it is a permanent reminder of the terror that raced through my heart as I noticed immediately after taking this photo that my newborn son's legs were rapidly turning a dark ugly purple color. With his breathing problems at birth I instantly feared that he was having trouble getting enough oxygen. I checked to see if he was still breathing, in a panic that he wouldn't be and we wouldn't be able to get help fast enough.

Thank God that Robin and I figured out that the leg holes on his diaper were cutting off circulation. When we loosened them, his legs started to pink back up. We took off his diaper, a newborn size, and put him in a size one. Within minutes his legs were their normal healthy pink color. All I can say is, thank God thank God thank God.

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