Monday, July 03, 2006

Incredible Cousins!

A few weeks ago we got the opportunity to play with the Maxwell cousins at Incredible Pizza. These kids seem more like best friends than cousins when they get together. I love that they share everything without a second thought. Danya was eager to use her game card for rides and games that her cousins could play with her. It was pretty cute when 3 of the girls all crammed into one tiny virtual roller coaster ride together!

The big surprise of the evening was when Aunt Robin told us that cousins Jason and Rhema were spending the week at Grandma's house and that our girls were welcome to join them. Danya couldn't go because she had VBS that week, but Gloria jumped at the chance. We were completely unprepared. She had no clothing packed and had to immediately get in the van with her cousins for the hour and a half drive if she wanted to go. Fortunately she is about the same size as her two cousins, so she was able to borrow their clothing for the week.

Gloria has never spent the night anywhere without Danya before. This was a big step for her! It was hard on all of us having her gone for an entire week. By Wednesday I was missing my baby girl sooo much that it was hard to think about anything else. When she got back we just couldn't stop hugging her.

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