Saturday, April 22, 2006

She's Thinking...

What am I doing? It's over 90 degrees out here, and I'm wearing a black checked shirt and blue jeans. I'm sweltering!! At around 7 months pregnant, I should be at home with the air conditioner on, sipping something cold and looking at the new "scrapbooking babies" magazines Daniel bought me today.

He seriously wants to take a picture of me right now? When I'm dripping sweat, my hair is wind blown, and I don't particularly like my outfit? Doesn't he realize we only have a few minutes to play with the girls here? If he were asleep at this very moment he would still only get a little under 7 hours of sleep before going to work tonight. And we still have a 20 minute drive back home! It's all his fault. He's the one that promised them we'd go to a park today.

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