Thursday, April 13, 2006

Carpet and Crud

The carpet guys came Tuesday morning and ripped out our nasty old blue carpet. Underneath it was stuck to the concrete in places from the ancient dog poo and pee from the previous owners' pets. The carpet itself was so old that it had partially disintegrated into a tan colored powder.

The carpet guy said that it was the original carpet and padding that had been installed with the house. He said that when building new housing additions, builders use the absolute cheapest carpet pad possible with an ugly color of carpet in the hope that the eventual owners will hate it and put something better in. Clearly we, and the previous owners, were too lazy to do that until now. So we scraped up the chunks, swept away the dirt with huge clouds of it flying through the air, and then sat back to watch the new thick padding and pretty tan carpet get installed. It completely transformed the look of our home! In the process, however, we did discover that there is a big crack running through our foundation. It doesn't seem to have affected the house, so I'll hope that it doesn't become a problem in the future.

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