Thursday, April 06, 2006

Extreme Bear Makeover!

Gloria was in tears Thursday night because her favorite bear, Brownie, was coming apart at the seams. Brownie belonged to Daniel's dad when he was little. He's getting pretty old and threadbare. So we did some repair work on him this weekend.

I stitched his ear back on, since it was hanging by a thread. Then, since he only had one button eye left, I removed it and put new matching button eyes on that Gloria got to choose herself. We decided to leave his nose for now until we find a good replacement.

In an odd coincidence, when we were cleaning out the garage on Tuesday we came across a box of Daniel's chilhood photos including an old postcard that has a picture of a bear that looks identical to Brownie on it (minus the clothes, since those were added by Daniel's mom years ago). Hopefully we can keep Brownie holding together so that one day he can be passed on to one of our grandkids.

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