Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hail Storm!

Yesterday was a wild day. Daniel was working overtime during the day. Since he got a ride to work, the girls and I had the van. So we went to McAlister's for lunch. Before heading out I checked weatherbug and it said it would be warm but extremely windy. When we stepped outside there wasn't a breath of wind, though. While we were in the restaurant we saw the wind pick up and start bending the trees outside the big windows. Then we watched a wall of dark clouds move in. We hurried up and left and the sky rolled blackness above our heads like a blanket covering us up as we got into the van. The wind was so strong it yanked the driver's door out of my hands. We got home just as a fierce storm hit. It was 2pm but looked like night outside. It was all over in about an hour.

Later that day we picked Daniel up from work and hurried home. Our neighbor stopped by to tell us that the weatherman was predicting a bad storm. So we turned on the news and watched the predictions for tornadoes all around our area. The storm shook the house and scared the girls with the loud thunder. We all snuggled in bed and watched footage of a tornado that had touched down in OKC tearing up an airplane hanger. Then when we heard what sounded like bullets hitting our house we looked out onto the back patio and saw quarter sized hail falling all over the backyard and bouncing off the patio stones. The girls were relieved that the storm passed over us right before bedtime, so they felt safe enough to go to sleep.

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