Thursday, April 13, 2006

Playing with the Elliotts

We drove down to visit Daniel's parents on Sunday afternoon. We had a pizza picnic at the park. (Say that 5 times fast! lol) His folks had kindly agreed to let the girls stay with them for a few days while we finished moving furniture, painting the house, and having carpet installed.

It was very hot outside, but the girls really enjoyed playing at Strickland park. Daniel and Gloria climbed up opposite sides of this rock wall and gave each other a kiss at the top. When Danya made it to the top I reached up and shook her hand from the other side. Both girls were so proud of themselves for getting up there all by themselves. Daniel was pretty proud of himself too, maybe because this time last year he may have been too out of shape to make it up there so fast.

It really was a beautiful day. The girls stayed Sunday night through Wednesday afternoon with their grandparents. They made marble paintings, took walks, played on the tire swing, and made crafts. They are really looking forward to going back to Grandma's house this coming Sunday for an Easter egg hunt with the Maxwell cousins.

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