Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hiding the Baby

Do I look 6 1/2 months pregnant in this picture? I tried to stand in such a way as to hide my pregnancy a little when we would get onto rides so that they wouldn't kick me off. Since every ride including the little kid rides had those signs that suggest you don't ride if you're pregnant, I decided that it was mostly to prevent law suits.

So I rode the giant boat that swings back and forth about 5 times because the girls liked it so much and also the Wild Cat roller coaster twice since it's fairly tame and didn't hurt my belly at all. The one mistake I made was wearing a sleeveless maternity shirt. I went home with a mildly painful sunburn on my shoulders and chest. Thankfully, the girls didn't get burned at all.

One of the highlights of the day was when Daniel got chosen to assist in the magic show! He had to verify the restraints and the female assistant were all real. I think the best thing of all though, was that the girls had grown just enough that they could both ride some of the bigger rides. We bought the souvenir photo of the girls riding on a real grown-up size roller coaster with us for the first time ever. They loved it so much they immediately said, "Let's go again!"

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