Friday, April 21, 2006

Home Sweet...Birdhouse?

This is the corner of our garage. This is the bird that is building a nest under the broken trim along the top of our garage.

We can't actually see inside there, but sometimes strange things fall out of the hole and we can hear fluttering inside. We can see the bird going in and out. Two days ago we found a cigarette pack wrapper hanging out of the hole. Apparently they like crunchy noises in their nest.

Neither of us has the heart to try and kick the bird out, even though it may be doing some sort of damage in there. We've been thinking about having siding put on the upper half of our house (the lower half is brick), but maybe the birds will be done using the garage before we get around to that. In the meantime we'll just keep our ears open for baby bird sounds above our heads.

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