Thursday, April 13, 2006

Painting and Preparing for Baby

While we were painting the kids' rooms on Monday Daniel and I realized that we had never actually decorated a nursery for any of our kids before. We had decided to paint on the spur of the moment the day before. The new carpet was going to be installed on Tuesday and all our friends at church were telling us that we should hurry up and paint because we wouldn't have to worry about messing up the old carpet.

We've never painted any of our homes before. Mainly because this is our first real home that we actually own. So Monday morning we went out and bought the paint that everyone recommended. It's called Kilz paint and it goes on with just one coat, doesn't have noxious fumes, and dries quickly. Kevin's room got two shades of blue, which it already had but it was old and scuffed up. Danya's room got light purple and pink with a Disney princess border.

We did the living room in "white chocolate". But by the time we were ready to start on the living room it was 7pm and we hadn't even eaten dinner yet. So we called our friend, Mike Miller, and begged him to come help us. He came over and helped us get most of it done by around 10pm. Daniel was finishing the edges and corners until almost midnight, though. Then he had to wash out all the painting equipment and we wound up not getting to bed until around one. We were exhausted when the carpet installers arrived the next morning. It was all worth it, though, because the house looks amazing.

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