Thursday, April 06, 2006

BOK and PAC visit

We had ALOT of change after last weekend's garage sale. So we brought the entire box of coins to Tulsa to the downtown branch of our bank, located in the BOK tower. That tower is connected to the building that Daniel works in.

The girls enjoyed the revolving doors, riding the escalators, tossing pennies into the fountain, and getting their hands stamped and free suckers at the bank. They took our coins and sent them to the underground vault where they would be counted and then the total would be credited to our checking account. It wound up being about $35 in change.

We also walked out across the bridge that connects the second floor of the tower to the parking garage across the street. The top of the garage has been turned into a little park that butts up against the Performing Arts Center (PAC). We walked around the park and took this picture of Gloria under a giant statue of a ballerina. Last of all, we went to a Borders book store and got each of us a new book. Altogether it was a fun little outing!

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pressingon said...

my son ALWAYS wants to go downtown but i am too nervous to take him...maybe I should!
Im a scrappy mom in tulsa who homeschools 4 kiddos...