Thursday, April 13, 2006

Painting the Furniture

Danya and Gloria painted all over our furniture!! Oh wait, we told them they could. I have an old desk and bookshelf that I painted with my mom years ago and they were looking pretty beat up.

So we let Gloria paint the desk to match the walls in her and Kevin's room. When he gets here we'll put a changing pad on the top and some diapers in the drawers. Gloria found out that while it's fun to paint, it's also alot of work. She really liked sitting underneath the desk and painting the hard to reach parts.

Danya got to paint the little bookshelf to match her room. She painted most of it purple, and the shelves pink. I told her that if I can find some cute Disney princess rub-ons we'll eventually add those to the sides. We also ordered pizza and had it delivered so we could sit outside and eat it while we were painting. Despite the bugs and the wind, the girls had a lot of fun painting on the furniture. I was just happy that we didn't get any paint on the driveway! It really improved the look of those two old pieces of furniture.

Gloria's Desk and Danya's Bookshelf
The finished master pieces!
Kevin's crib will eventually go where the big bear is right now.

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Anonymous said...

Looks amazing! Good Job!!! I'm impressed. Two toned walls and everything. Maybe you should paint the chair? I'm so amazed you did all this in a weekend.