Thursday, April 13, 2006

Our Loving Family

We've been collecting these dolls and furniture since Danya turned one. For fun tonight, the girls and I divided up their many many dolls into individual families and then took a family photo for each of them. The girls picked out furniture and pets for the families and arranged them on Danya's bookshelf.

This particular group they put together and said it was our family. When Danya was little the girl in the pink shirt was her "Danya doll". Now that girl is Gloria and the bigger doll is Danya. They said the little boy on "my" lap is Kevin. Grandma and Grandpa Elliott are behind the couch. We may print these out and make a little mini album for them. We have Granny Jo to thank for starting this collection, since she was the one who gave Danya the dollhouse for her first birthday that sparked the whole obsession.

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