Thursday, March 01, 2007

Homeschooling Hands-On!

This past week the girls haven't done alot of formal schooling. They have, however, learned to use power tools, used measuring tape for meaningful jobs instead of just fake paper rulers for workbook problems, and gotten to be an invaluable part of our home remodeling project.

Daniel handed Gloria the cordless electric screwdriver and told her to remove the two banisters from the staircase so we could paint the walls. She did it all by herself! She even carried the long banisters down to the basement to get them out of the way when she was finished removing them. How many Kindergartners get to do that?!

Danya and Gloria both helped us unscrew the kitchen cabinets, including the counter top. Then they helped us rip them out. They've also helped paint the living room and kitchen. They even painted the lower half of their own bedrooms. I wish I had a picture of Danya using her Dad's big cordless drill!

When they aren't working in the house, they are out in the backyard using the pieces of wood and rocks that they find out there to build things. They made a birdbath, a table, and chairs all from found objects. At home the girls have been reading books for the "Book-It!" program to earn their little pizzas. Danya read a short story taken from Tom Sawyer. We also made our own town map, played a modified version of "Scruples" (a game of moral dilemas), and played a dice counting game called "Toss Up!" I guess, looking back over the past few days, it really has been a pretty full week for them educationally. Danya is also preparing for her upcoming open house musical at her homeschool charter school.

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