Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh, Rats!

I finally got to paint my kitchen! It's a shockingly bright shade of yellow called "banana yellow" and I love it! The painter painted the basement bright yellow today also. Tomorrow he will paint both bathrooms the same color. Originally we were going to paint the upstairs bathroom light green, but there was a miscommunication with the painter, so we decided to use the light green we had for the 5th bedroom that we couldn't decide on a color for. I think it's neutral enough no matter if we end up adopting a boy or girl and they get that room.

During the process of painting the kitchen we were going to paint the cabinets a dark green and replace the handles. But when I unscrewed the old knobs we discovered the cabinets were falling apart and unsalvageable. So we bought new ones. When we ripped out the old ones we found an old rats' nest under the kitchen sink cabinet! Yuck! We made Daniel do the dirty work of cleaning it up. I wasn't going near it!

There was another miscommunication, this time with the guy who installed our new floating laminate floors. He was going to install our cabinets for $600 (not including the countertops or sinks), but Daniel and our main contractor decided to do it instead. The floor guy was pretty put out, but he finished our floors today and did a great job. It looks like I have dark cherry wood hardwood floors in my kitchen and it looks like marble tiles in the bathrooms and laundry room. The house is coming together fast!

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