Saturday, March 31, 2007

Boy in Motion!

Kevin is crawling! He can start in a sitting position, dive onto his belly, and do a military crawl across the room. He pushes with his feet and pulls with his elbows until he gets where he wants to go. Occasionally his tush will shoot up into the air and he'll do little thrusts forward.

The other day I set him in his room to play with some toys for just a moment while I went to grab something from the other room. Before I knew it he was all the way out in the hallway hollering his, "How DARE you leave me?!" yell.

Kevin has several different yells. There is the ever popular "outraged scream", the "I'm not going to sleep, so get me out of this playpen!" rhythmic yelling, and his excited babbling yells announcing to the world that he is in his stroller, wind in his hair, on his way to "swing swing" at the park, "whee!".

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