Friday, March 09, 2007

Somewhat Helpful

We paid a guy to install our new floating floors. They look beautiful. I wish he hadn't taken a week to finish the job because he didn't have 8 nails. Daniel has decided to finish it himself. We were going to hire the guy to do some other work, including installing our kitchen cabinets, but he didn't show up the first day, didn't even call. We think he's unreliable and unlikely to finish the work, so we're going to wait and hopefully get Daniel's dad to help us out this weekend.

Have I mentioned how ecstatic we are that Daniel's parents are driving up to help us move and finish the house? Imagine us doing cartwheels and dancing on the ceiling...that's about halfway to explaining it. Every day for a week and a half we've been saying how badly we need them. Nancy, fast!

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