Monday, March 26, 2007

Fire Engine Red

This is the 2000 Chevrolet Express Van G3500 Ext Sport Van that we bought today. It's a 12 passenger van so we can fit all the new kids we hope to adopt in it! It was $9,000, but we traded our van in for $2,400, so it ended up actually being only about $7,600.

That's a pretty good trade in price for our old van considering that it was missing a hub cap, the hatch wouldn't open, and it was squealing like it needed new brakes. Kelly Blue Book listed our old van as only being worth $2,800 even if it had been in good condition.

The new van is great! It runs good, has a nice interior, and even has power windows, locks, and mirrors. Daniel likes the running boards on the sides since it's so tall. It's only about a foot and a half longer than our old van. The only thing I regret is that it doesn't have a sliding side door (or better yet, two sliding doors). We'll also miss having a compass and thermostat in the car.

Hopefully we'll have the house stuff done in another week or so. With this van, we should be set for the home study where they evaluate our home and us for the adoption. You're all welcome to join us in praying that we will become a larger family sometime in April!


christina said...

the color will help you be able to find it in parking lot. im glad you were able to get it. i will try to call you back tomorrow.

Toni Salda said...

jess, this van gives a new meaning to PTA, Soccer Mom in her mini van!!!! I have to get a picture of you in the van!!!

Love Toni

Jess said...

In our homeschool I AM the whole PTA!

christina said...

thank you for your encouragment about school today . i really needed some today.