Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Envy of the Neighborhood

Toni, you would have been so proud seeing your nieces crusin' around the apartment complex in the car you gave them. They even picked up their first boy...okay so it was their baby brother.

When the other kids got home from school they swarmed around the car like flies to honey. Danya and Gloria took turns giving their friends short rides around the building. Yup, they were instantly the most popular girls on the block! The older kids were so disappointed when I said that there was an 80 lb weight limit. Once you subtract 40 pounds or so for whichever of the girls was driving, that meant that only kids 6 and under got to sit in the passenger seat. Technically even adding Kevin in was breaking the limit.

They drove that thing until the battery wore down. A couple of days later we still had kids asking if the car could come out (even if my girls weren't there). The girls haven't had a chance to drive it at our new house yet, but they've been asking about it.

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