Thursday, March 01, 2007

Demolition, Gas, and Minor Miracles

This is a photo of Daniel attempting to tear down the back patio. Originally we were going to get it re-roofed and painted, but the roofer said it wasn't safe, so we needed to tear it down. Unfortunately, Daniel lost his hammer and had quite a time trying to remove the patio cover without damaging the house or the new gutters.

That odd pipe sticking up above the roof is part of our new radon mitigation system that was installed this week. It's sucking the radon gas out of our basement and blowing it out above the house.

Minor Miracle:
Today Daniel called "Carpet Exchange" to check on the status of our carpet that is supposed to be installed this Monday. Our carpet salesman, Cory, called the manufacturer in Georgia, and found out that they had not even shipped it yet because "the truck wasn't full". So the carpet guy made it up to us. His manager said we could upgrade to a much much nicer carpet if we'd come in today to choose the color. Daniel and I had ordered the bottom of the line carpet in a color we didn't really like all that much because it was cheap and they could ship it quickly. Now we're getting a much more expensive carpet in a color we like that they have in stock at the store for the same rock bottom price! And it will still be installed on Monday.

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